Photography is art, feeling, passion.

Not only beautiful words but it is pure truth.

However, there are some rules that must be respected, in 90% of situations, to compose a correct shot.


Having an expensive SLR and a professional lens is not enough to be a photographer, just as own a Lamborghini is not enough to be a racing driver!


The most important rule for composing a shot is the “the rule of thirds”.

As we can see from the photos show here, the subject is positioned at the intersection of a vertical and a horizontal line, usually the upper 2, depending on where the subject looks, or in the case of a panorama, where it is positioned.



In the portrait, as you can see, the rule is not so strict, but usually we tend to place the “outermost” eye at the intersection of the two lines. Especially in a very close up.


Obviously there are situations in which the timing of the shot is crucial, especially in weddings or at a fashion show, in those cases it gives priority to speed and focus, but it is good practice to always keep the rule in mind , so as not to go crazy in post production.


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