It was a beautiful sunny day in Tenerife.

The wind gently caressed our faces and gave a feeling of freedom.

Perfect day for an unforgettable photo shooting.

The location was magnificent: apartment facing the sea, in an area still “unspoiled” by the mass of tourists who often crowd the southern area.

We decide to make Valentina even more fascinating.

Red, the color of passion, fits perfectly in a spectacular dress, as well as lipstick that enhances her splendid lips.

What is missing ? Of course! A glass of good red wine!

The shooting proceeds nicely, then a small accident happens, the glass falls, and it falls apart, but it does it with style.

It is Valentina who decides to take more photos, thus creating a particular artistic situation.

It was fun and engaging, a beautiful day in the company of a beautiful and kind woman.


And what do you think of the final result?


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