For all those who do not know the island of Tenerife, they must know that it is known as “the island of eternal spring”, 25 degrees constant throughout the year with slight variations in winter and summer.
But what you may not know is that this “rule” applies only to the south of the island, or rather the south-west part!
Tenerife in fact has more than 20 microclimates within it.
On a sunny November day we decided to do a shooting for Valentina and Emanuele’s wedding.
But something unexpected happened: that day the Chinese president was visiting the island, who had decided to go on an excursion to the Teide volcano, right where we wanted to go.
So quickly we decided to change destination and go north, in the rural park of Anega.
Beautiful place but with the south has little to share: a real jungle! Cold and humid, with dense and very suggestive vegetation.
A real test of strength for our Valentina, who, thanks to her Siberian origins, had no problem putting herself in a wedding dress in the icy rural landscape.

It’s incredibly cold here! “Not at all, I’m Siberian!”

All of us, on the contrary, were very cold!
Thanks Valentina and Emanuele, it was a wonderful release and we believe that the work has come out very well too.

Marco & Elena